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4751 Delhi Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45238

Choose superior workmanship from us

When it comes to custom tailoring only one tailor, Joe Bianco, has both risen to the ranks of a trend setter and a level 6 tailor.  What Bianco Custom Tailoring has gained from three generations of tailors, is innovation, which has made this dying art a modern day phenomena.  You no longer have to fly to Europe for that perfect custom fit.

Let us help make your wedding perfect

We offer a myriad of services providing Custom suits and tuxedos for the Groom and his men. You can pick a fabric that matches the color palette and style of your wedding.  With hundreds of cloth and shirt styles to chose from, you can curate exactly what you want.


Find everything you need

in one place

Come experience the benefits of a custom pattern for men's suits and slacks. Joe Bianco has an unprecedented reputation for fashion that meets the customer's personality, whether you are just starting your career, or are an established, high-profile professional.  

Hand Made & Machine Made USA Suits - Call Now!

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